Serbia, North Macedonia PMs welcome church reconciliation

NEWS 18.05.2022 15:02
Source: REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski/File Photo

The Prime Ministers of Serbia and North Macedonia on Wednesday welcomed the reconciliation of the Orthodox churches in their respective countries.

“The meeting assessed as positive the movement in relations between the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric (MPC-OA) and Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) with the aim of overcoming mutual problems,” a press release by the North Macedonia government quoted Prime Ministers Ana Brnabic and Dimitar Kovacevski as saying.

It said that they confirmed the traditionally good relations between the two countries with Kovacevski saying that they should focus on economic ties.

The two prime ministers said that communication and partnership within the Open Balkan initiative will stimulate regional cooperation, good neighbor relations and European values. They said the the other countries of the region are welcome to take part in the coming summit in Ohrid.

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) said that Patriarch Porfirije and the head of the newly recognized Ohrid Archbishopric in North Macedonia Archbishop Stefan will serve a reconciliation liturgy in the Temple of St Sava in Belgrade on Thursday.