Serbia imported 106 million Euro worth of vaccine in 2021

NEWS 30.03.2022 15:00
Source: Shutterstock

Nova Ekonomija magazine said on Wednesday that Serbia imported more than 106 million Euro worth of coronavirus vaccine from Russia and China in 2021.

It said that Serbia imported a total of 180.6 million Euro worth of various vaccines last year, a rise of 850 percent compared to a year earlier. The annual imports of vaccine for humans stood at an average of 10 million Euro over the past five years and jumped to 19 million Euro in 2020 with a much higher level reached in 2021 when the authorities launched a vaccination campaign.

“Most of the vaccines were imported from China, Belgium (Pfizer) and Russia,” it said and added that data available from the Serbian Agency for Medicine (ALIMS) showed that only coronavirus vaccine was imported from Russia and China. It said that 82 million Euro worth of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine was imported from China and another 24 million Euro worth from Russia.