Serbia destroys 1.4 tons of marijuana in „Nikola Tesla“ power plant

NEWS 25.07.2021 14:36
Source: MUP Srbije

The "Nikola Tesla" thermal power plant in Obrenovac, near Belgrade, destroyed over 1.4 tons of marijuana, which were seized earlier by Serbia’s police, the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) said Sunday.

Minister Aleksandar Vulin, pointed out that the state is determined in the fight against drug dealers, adding that the drugs seized by the police end up destroyed in the thermal power plant.

Vulin emphasized that marijuana will not be legalized while Aleksandar Vucic is the President of Serbia, and he is the minister of police.

He added that he is in favour of changing the policy towards drug traffickers and for the strictest possible sanctions for each of them, especially for those selling drugs to minors or younger adults, assessing that he perceives it as attempted murder.

Vulin underlined that lighter and heavier drugs do not exist and that both those who sell one joint and those who sell kilograms of drugs will be arrested.

„Every small dealer, every self-proclaimed singing star, everyone who sells drugs will be the subject of our work and we will do our best to arrest them and hand them over to justice. Anyone who sells one joint would sell kilograms of drugs had they a chance,“ Vulin said.


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