Serbia bans ad containing national and religious hatred

Source: Account deleted

The state Trade Inspection banned the Belgrade ‘011 Shop’ company from advertising its products called ‘Knife, Wire’ which unambiguously provoked national and religious hatred, Uros Kandic, a state secretary in Serbia's Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication said on Friday.

He added the criminal charges against the company were filed.

“Advertising and selling such products violate the Law on Advertising and Penal Code. At the same time, it is directly opposite to the Constitution because it provokes national and religious hatred,” he said.

‘Knife, Wire’ (Noz, zica’ in Serbian) slogan alludes to the nationalistic motto after the 1995 genocide in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica (Noz, zica, Srebrenica) committed by the then Bosnian Serb army.

The ‘011 Shop’ withdrew the ad and apologized, saying “the message was taken out of the context.”

The other company’s products include slogans like ‘Wifebeater,’ and sweatshirts reading ‘A.C.A.B’ (All Cops Are Bastards).