Serbia asks EU Investment Framework for project funding

NEWS 04.08.2021 13:53
Jadranka Joksimović
Source: Tanjug / Sava Radovanović

European Integration Minister Jadranka Joksimovic said that the Serbian government proposed seven projects for funding from the Investment Framework for the Western Balkans.

A ministry press release said that the grants for the proposed projects are worth a total of 785.5 million Euro. Joksimovic is quoted as saying that she expects the board of the Investment Framework to decide in December on the support requested by the Serbian government.

The proposals include rail and river transport projects worth 125.2 million Euro to modernize and reconstruct several rail lines and make navigation on the Danube safer by removing the wrecks of a WW 2 German fleet, Joksimovic said. She added that other projects include reconstruction of sewer systems fin several towns with a total population of half a million people worth 45 million Euro and another 36.1 million Euro for the construction of a power interconnection between Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as the development of a power distribution network.

The minister also mentioned a rural broadband Internet project worth 30 million Euro to connect more than 135,000 users.