Senior officials of the ruling party differ on sanctions against Russia

Source: N1/arhiva

Two members of Serbia’s ruling ‘Serbian Progressive Party’ (SNS) Zorana Mihajlovic and Vladimir Djukanovic, expressed different views on the possible imposition of sanctions on Russia, Saturday.

The Minister and member of the SNS leadership, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated that the policy of the Government of Serbia is full membership in the European Union (EU) which is a mission she truly believes in. She added that there is not the slightest dilemma that Serbia should do absolutely everything necessary to achieve that goal.

„It is in the best interest of the citizens of this country. That is our path,“ said Mihajlovic, thus answering the question of Politika journalists whether she would impose sanctions on Russia, Beta reports.

According to her, „it is difficult for us to influence events in the world, but taking our interests as primary, and that is the EU membership, we are also taking a stand.“

"We are also not an island so we can ignore the path we are taking because we know very well what it’s like to live in a country that’s been hunted. I believe that no one wants our country to go that way, because we know where that path leads," said Mihajlovic.

On the other hand, her party colleague Vladimir Djukanovic, who is also a member of the SNS leadership, said he would not impose sanctions on Russia and that he was proud that Vucic has resisted for three months and made the country the only free and independent country in Europe.

"There is no doubt if we imposed sanctions, we would be the most attractive country on the globe for investments, we would be praised, we would enter the capital market, all the doors in the West would be open to us. However, there is something called morality and pride," Djukanovic told Blic.

According to him, "if we get to the point where we have nowhere to go, then let them tell us nicely that they want a quisling government and let them formally occupy us so that we know what we are facing. I believe that they will find associates who will serve them," said Djukanovic.

Earlier Saturday, the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, stated that Serbia was exposed to enormous pressures because it did not impose sanctions on Moscow.


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