Selakovic says admitting Kosovo to CoE would damage credibility

NEWS 20.05.2022 16:55

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic said on Friday that admitting Kosovo to the Council of Europe (CoE) would damage the credibility of that organization.

He told the 132nd session of the CoE Committee of Ministers that Pristina’s request for membership is “legally inadmissible and for Serbia absolutely unacceptable”, adding that Belgrade will respond with all available diplomatic means.

“The request for membership is a political goal for Pristina, not a value commitment and is an attempt at abusing this organisation. That is in deep contrast with the norms and rules of the Council of Europe, other international organisations and international law. In addition, this is just another clear indicator that Pristina has no intention of reaching any solution through dialogue, but has opted for a unilateral approach for the nth time,” a government press release quoted him as telling the session.

According to the press release, he said that “Serbia’s foreign policy is based on the principles of respect for international law, territorial integrity and political independence of states and warned that Pristina’s request for membership in the Council of Europe represents a gross violation of territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia”.

Selakovic said Serbia supports every CoE engagement in Kosovo directed at improving human rights standards, rule of law and democracy, anything in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and the CoE status neutral approach.