SBB Video Club in step with Netflix – over 18,000 titles anytime, anywhere

NEWS 16.04.2021 16:36
Source: Promo

According to the SBB latest research, its users are increasingly changing watching habits, with only 68 percent following real-time television, while the rest prefer non-linear TV content and Video Club, the company said in a statement on Friday.

It added that over 18,000 titles in 22 catalogues are available to users in the SBB Video Club, which they can watch anytime and anywhere, without interruptions and advertisements.

In addition to the EON application, users can watch their favourite movies and series on their mobile phone, tablet and computer.

In the 2020 last quarter, EON users in the entire region watched Video Club series for over 15 hours, movies over six, and children’s programs for over seven hours.

The Video Club is becoming increasingly popular, offering engaging content. New titles of the world’s most popular blockbusters, series and domestic productions arrive every month so that SBB users have a whole television experience for everyone’s taste, the statement added.

The HBO OD catalogue offers award-winning and most exciting films such as „The Lord of the Rings“, „The Hobbit“, the cult series „The Sopranos“, „Game of Thrones“, „Wire“, „Friends“, a new season of „The Maid’s Tale“, a trilogy of films about Batman’s „Dark Knight“, all three Oscar-winning famous classic „The Godfather“ and many others.

The audience can also watch the latest series and movies in the Pickbox and Cinestar Premiere Plus catalogue.

The youngest SBB users within seven children’s catalogues, including Pikaboo Play, Vavoom Play, Disney, Hopster, can watch the most popular children’s content completely safely within their EON Kids profile.

With as much as a fifth of the Video Club consists of children’s content, the number of new programmes for the youngest increases every month.

Thank you for every hour you spent with SBB. Stay with the Video Club because new exciting titles are coming every month, the company said.

SBB is part of the United Group, within which N1 TV also operates.