SBB turns another Serbian town into GIGA city

NEWS 28.05.2021 12:22
GIGA grad Valjevo SBB
Source: Promo

The SBB cable services provider said on Friday that the city of Valjevo was its 11th GIGA city, becoming part of the biggest next generation network in the region.

A press release said that residents of Valjevo can now enjoy digital TV services on three TVs at no extra cost with high quality images and sound and Internet speed of up to 1 Gbps in the EON packages.

“In line with global trends, SBB is continuing the expansion of its GIGA network, digitalizing cities where it provides its services and allowing users access to top innovative entertainment, information and communication services. Over the past two years, SBB brought in digital TV and upgraded Internet speed in 11 cities as part of its five year investment plan worth 300 milion Euro,” it said.

The press release added that the Internet speed is upgrade automatically in EON packages and goes from 75 to 150 in EON Light, from 150 to 250 in EON Full and from 300 to 500 megabits a second in EON Premium packages who can enjoy speeds of up to 1 Gbps in GIGA cities with the GIGA annex.

“The SBB company is inviting its users to choose EON Packages which include TV, Internet and phone services at a cost of 1 Dinar a month for six months for new users. By transferring to EON packages, users get a top of the line TV experience with the EON Smart Box which turns all TVs into smart TVs, EON Profiles bring users their favorite content while EON Connect manages your home Internet, allows you to watch content up to seven days back on all channels and brings the Video Club with more than 18,000 titles, super fast Internet and phone services,” the press release said.

SBB is part of United Group which includes N1.