SBB offering faster Broadband

NEWS 01.06.2022 12:55
Source: Promo / SBB

The SBB cable services provider company said on Wednesday that it is offering its clients in GIGA cities even faster broadband services.

SBB has turned a number of places across Serbia into GIGA cities where local users have access to what the Ookla® company said is the fastest broadband in the country. It is now offering Internet access at speeds up to 50 percent higher than before. It also increased speed in its EON packages.

“We are pushing our limits with the clear goal of providing users with the best services and experience. That is why we are increasing the speed of what is officially the fastest Internet by up to 100 Mbps. We will not stop here! The next important step is creating a GIGA Serbia when all SBB users will have Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps at their disposal,” Network Operations Center (NOC) CEO Vladimir Oravec is quoted as saying in a press release. SBB’s NOC has a team of telecommunications experts who demonstrated the new Internet speeds as confimed by Ookla’s SpeedTest app.

“SBB always had the fastest Internet which is gaining speed all the time. In 2003 it took 12 hours to transfer 700MB of video at speeds of 128 Kbps and three minutes for a vacation photograph. It’s clear that we are offering our users unlimited possibilities thanks to the constant increase in Internet speed,” the press release quoted technical support chief Aleksandar Prokic as saying.