SBB Foundation & Society for Birds Protection: Healthy environment, healthy life

NEWS 05.08.2021 18:36
Source: N1

The SBB Foundation and Serbia's Society for Birds' Protection signed on Thursday a memorandum on cooperation and announced joint work on nature protection, improvement of the national framework for biodiversity protection, information and education of the public.

Jovana Lukic, SBB Foundation Director, and the Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia, executive director Milan Ruzic agreed that without a healthy environment there could not be a healthy life.

Speaking to N1, Ruzic said that „without protected nature, without preserved resources, there is neither a healthy nor a quality life.“

Lukic recalled that the SBB Foundation had been dealing with environmental protection for six years.

„I would say it’s as important to the foundation as it is to all of us. If we don’t have a healthy environment, we won’t be healthy either,“ she said.

The SBB Foundation’s ‘Don’t Litter, No Excuse’ initiative, which cleaned almost the entire Serbia, was the way of dealing with environmental protection for years, Lukic said.

„It is primarily through education and various activities within this initiative. What we are doing now is a step further. Because education is something that we will conduct for years and work for years to change the awareness that we need to work on the environment to be healthier and cleaner, and now we want to protect areas throughout Serbia,“ she added.

According to her, „we must use resources and lands sustainably.“

„It allows us to count not only on people’s consciousness but also on the existence of some rules,“ she said.

Ruzic added that „less than eight percent of the territory of Serbia is under some protection, which is a terrible result. To be able to talk about some sustainable development, it has to be better.“

„The way we as a society treat our natural values as a whole is not at all commendable,“ he said.