SBB Foundation launches sapling planting project

NEWS 13.09.2021 15:11
Akcija pošumljavanja, SBB fondacija
Source: Promo

The SBB Foundation said on Monday that it was launching a tree planting project with the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia.

A press release called all interested local administrations, protected area managers and others involved in protecting the environment to join in the project. It said that at least 500 saplings have to be planted for the project which is set to begin in November as part of SBB’s Don’t Pollute, No Excuse project.

“The country is currently 30 percent under forest and we will consider it a big success in protecting the environment if we reach the European average of 40 percent by 2030. We can reduce the negative effects of climate change, secure cleaner air, prevent the disappearance of endangered species and preserve nature for future generations if we work together and that is why we are looking for partners who know how to and can plant as many saplings as possible and we will provide them and help with the planting,” United Group CSR Director and SBB Foundation CEO Jovana Lukic said.