SPC Bishop to N1: Stupid to see politics in supporting environmentalist protests

NEWS 03.01.2022 21:09
Source: N1

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Bishop of Dusseldorf and the whole of Germany said late on Monday his support of environmentalist protests in Serbia had nothing to do with politics and described as "stupid" accusations of the political affiliation of those who demonstrated against the Rio Tinto lithium mining plans in the west of the country.

In an interview with N1, he said he had to support those fighting for clean air, land, and water as a Christian.

„I’m with the protests with my whole being,“ Bishop said, adding that „there is something biblical; the wheel has been set in motion, and the position and the opposition still have to be ground to get people who think systemically, not a single super-smart man who others look at in fear….“

Commenting on his idea to gather people who would make systemic changes, Grigorije said he met some aged 70-80 who offered to help with experience and intelligence.

On the other hand, he added, „there are people who are 30-35 years old and act like cowards. We have huge potential; we have chances, we have people out there who are a superclass. They need an opportunity, which will be a horror for those who rule. It is inevitable… A storm is coming – you don’t see it, but you feel it.“

Speaking about his talks with MEP Viola von Cramon, he said the meeting was beneficial and was surprised with hostile reactions in tabloids back home.

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Von Cramon is the European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Kosovo. Serbia’s tabloids accuse her of advocating its independence contrary to the official stand by the regime and the SPC.

„Her first sentence was that she was a friend of the Albanians, but that she does not want to be an enemy of the Serbs,“ the most outspoken SPC Bishop recalled. He added that „somebody’s friend did not have to be our enemy“ and that they talked about an SPC monastery in Kosovo.





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