Russians still majority owners of Oil Industry of Serbia

NEWS 07.05.2022 13:11
NIS naftna industrija Srbije Gasprom Beograd
Source: Shutterstock

The buyer of more than 10 million shares of the Oil Industry of Serbia in Friday’s transaction on the Belgrade Stock Exchange is the company Gazprom, the Central Securities Depository said Saturday.

According to the Register, Gazprom is the third in the list of shareholders in terms of the number of shares.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated Friday that there was no substantial change of ownership in the Oil Industry of Serbia. He explained the transaction on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, where more than 10 million shares changed hands, by saying that Gazpromneft sold a stake in Gazprom.

„This is not about any substantial change – Gazpromneft sold those shares to Gazprom. I guess it was done because Gazpromneft was under sanctions, and Gazprom was not. Because Europeans need gas from Gazprom, but they don’t need oil from Gazpromneft,“ he stated.


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