Russian reporter publishes pictures of Serbian-made munitions in Ukraine

NEWS 25.04.2022 18:10
Source: Ilustracija

Pictures of mortar shells produced by the Serbian Krusik munitions factory were published by a Russian reporter in Ukraine.

A reporter for Moscow’s Komsomolska Pravda newspaper said that Russian forces captured what he claims is the biggest munitions storage facility in Europe outside the city of Kharkov where the Serbian-made shells were stored. The reporter published pictures on his Twitter account, including the mortar shells with markings showing that the they were made at the Krusik plant in Valjevo.

Belgrade weekly NIN reported earlier that Serbian-made weapons and ammunition, including M-70 assault rifles, had been observed in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers. The weekly said that at least two shipments of munitions had been sold to Ukraine in the past few years.