Russian Embassy: Hill’s statement is inappropriate

NEWS 27.09.2022 18:05
Source: Shutterstock

The Russian Embassy in Belgrade said it was shocked by US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill’s inappropriate statements on Russia-Serbia relations.

This time he really outdid himself, wildly demanding, as if he had such a right, explanations from the authorities of the host country regarding the signing of the consultations plan between the foreign ministries of Serbia and Russia for 2023 and 2024, said the Embassy.

It is sad to see how low American diplomacy can fall in order to carry out the tasks of imposing on sovereign states Washington’s position on “unity in Russophobia,“ replacing international law “with an order based on rules favorable only to the USA,” and expanding the market – on the basis of unfair competition – for American energy products, said the Embassy.

We have no doubt that many in Serbia, which was a victim of the American and NATO aggression in 1999, categorically refuse to accept this approach, said the Embassy.

The Russian Embassy said it will continue its efforts to consistently strengthen bilateral strategic cooperation in all areas of mutual interests, including the dialogue between the foreign ministries on a wide range of issues.

It added that it “advises” Hill to get acquainted with the Vienna Convention which is easy to follow “because all one needs to do is to respect other states’ right to an independent policy.”