Russian ambassador says no problems with gas supplies to Serbia

NEWS 13.07.2022 17:04
Source: N1

Russia’s Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Bocan Harchenko said on Wednesday that Moscow hopes there won’t be any problems with natural gas supplies to Serbia via Bulgaria.

He told Russia 24 TV that there are no indications that the situation could deteriorate. “It would be wrong to say that the situation with Bulgaria, with our relations, isn’t causing some anxiety and concern but the transit of gas continues…. There is nothing to indicate that the transit could be interrupted suddenly,” he said and recalled the gas transits Bulgaria on the way to both Serbia and Hungary.

“That is transit to the European Union… If Sofia cut the transit in that direction it would cause huge problems would mean that Bulgaria is not meeting its obligations not only towards Serbia, Russia but also within the EU… We are counting on the transit continuing and the gas supplies remaining stable with the contracted amounts,” the ambassador said.