Ruling party ally calls for referendum on Russia sanctions

NEWS 29.09.2022 09:22
Source: Zdrava Srbija - Bolja Srbija

A party close to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) called for a referendum on sanctions against Russia, Danas daily reported.

The Healthy Serbia (Zdrava Srbija or ZS) party said that the decision should be taken by popular vote “bearing in mind the immediate and far-reaching consequences of the decision on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of Serbia”.

ZS leader and Mayor of the town of Cajetina Milan Stamatovic said that the European Union sanctions on Russia were inflicting damage on EU member states and recalled that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been saying they are counterproductive. According to him, Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council insists on protecting Serbia’s sovereignty and integrity in line with UN SC Resolution 1244.