RTS: EU puts off decision on ban on Russian oil imports to W. Balkans

NEWS 06.10.2022 13:32
Source: Shutterstock

The European Union (EU) has postponed its decision to exempt the Western Balkans countries from the ban on Russian oil imports and will again address the issue before the ban comes into force, reported the Serbian state TV (RTS), citing an unnamed European official in Brussels involved in the preparation of sanctions against Russia.

We will have to decide if Croatia will be able to continue importing Russian oil by sea and then delivering it to others in the Western Balkans, said the source, the RTS reported.

The European official said that, from the EU’s point of view, “it is desirable that the candidate countries be aligned with the sanctions policy, and the debate will show to what extent Serbia’s failure to align will impact the derogation, that is, the decision on the exemption from the ban on Russian oil.”

Sources say that member countries are to decide if the Western Balkans can have “a more privileged status” then they do regarding the import of Russian oil, “having in mind that we are talking about third countries that are very close to us.”