Roman milestone found in southern Serbia

NEWS 20.05.2022 13:35
Source: Shutterstock/ilustracija

A third century Roman milestone was found in southern Serbia and will be exhibited in the park of a medieval fortress in Pirot.

“Experts confirmed that the milestone dates from the 3rd century and that has great historic and cultural value,” Pirot town councilor Bojan Randjelovic said. The milestone will be exhibited in the Kale park below the Momcilov Grad medieval fortress in that southern Serbia town.

The milestone (milliarum) was found by construction crews working on the Corridor 10 road outside Pirot. The modern day town of Pirot lies on the Roman Via Militaris which connected Singidunum (Belgrade) to Byzantium (Istanbul). Today’s Serbia was under Roman rule for centuries with the city of Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica) serving as the capital of the Roman Empire during the Tetrarchy. At least 17 emperors (including Constantine who was the first emperor to convert to Christianity) were born on the territory of Serbia.