Roman aqueduct damaged in southern Serbian city

NEWS 13.04.2022 11:33
arheologija, stari rim
Source: Alberto PIZZOLI / AFP/Ilustracija

An ancient Roman aqueduct was damaged during road construction work in the southern Serbian city of Nis, the portal reported on Wednesday.

Belgrade University professor of archeology Marko A. Jankovic told the portal that the contruction work should be stopped to avoid further damage to the site. “This is a Roman aqueduct built in two time frames – an earlier stage of ceramic pipes and a later stage with a brick and tile canal,” he said adding that the aqueduct is about 10 kilometers long and was never fully uncovered. According to the professor, the aqueduct was first discovered late in the 19th century with parts of it uncovered in the mid-20th century.

The city authorities ordered the construction work to expand one of the main streets in Nis.

Jankovic said that sites like the aqueduct are very rare in Serbia, adding that the city of Rome had 11 aqueducts supplying water to its population while ancient Nis had at least two.