RFE: Serbia and Russia at OSCE meeting, Western representatives leave gathering

NEWS 25.02.2022 14:49
Source: FoNet/Ministarstvo odbrane Rusije

The representatives of Serbia stayed in the OSCE hall after the European Union member states and other countries left Thursday's meeting in protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported on Friday.

At an internal OSCE meeting on the war in Ukraine on February 24, Russia insisted on its interpretations of the invasion of Ukraine, making the representatives of Western countries leave the meeting, RFE said.

It added that Serbia’s representatives were among several countries such as Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, which did not leave the meeting. Neither did The Holy See and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly officials.

Ukraine said on Friday that the Russian army had entered Kyiv.

RFE recalled that Serbia and Russia maintain relations at the highest bilateral level. Official Belgrade refuses to harmonise its policy with the EU despite being a candidate for membership.

Russia supports Serbia by blocking Kosovo's membership in international organisations. Kosovo declared independence in 2008, but Belgrade refuses to recognise it as a state, RFE says, adding that Serbia is entirely dependent on Russian gas, which it receives through the Turkish Stream.


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