RFE: European Parliament to call Serbia to align with EU policies

Source: Screenshot/European Parliament

Radio Free Europe said on Wednesday that the European Parliament will debate a resolution calling the Serbian authorities to align with European Union decisions and stands on foreign and security policy, including sanctions against Russia.

RFE said it had access to the draft resolution authored by rapporteur Vladimir Bilcik MEP which will be debated by the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.

The draft resolution expresses deep concern for the spread of misinformation on the Russian aggression against Ukraine and called the Serbian authorities and the European Commission to support the fight against misinformation and other hybrid threats. It will also call official Belgrade to stop glorifying war criminals and stop undermining the integrity of neighboring countries and jeopardizing regional stability and reconciliation.

It expresses regret over the continuing pressure on the judiciary and public denial of international war crimes sentences. It calls the new parliament to strengthen guarantees of the efficiency and independence of the judiciary.

The draft resolution recalls that Serbia’s progress in the EU accession talks will depend on progress in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

The draft resolution also expresses regret over the limits on freedom of the media and abuse of the media for unfair political advantage, attacks on political rivals and the spreading of misinformation.

It expresses concern over the limited progress in fighting corruption and organized crime.