Refrain from linking media and criminal groups, Serbia’s Ministry says

NEWS 12.03.2021 14:04
Source: Promo

Serbia’s Ministry of Culture and Information called on all media and public figures to refrain from insinuations about the links between some media outlets and journalists with the criminal groups and their activities.

“Journalists must have conditions to do their job do their job undisturbed, and no one must not jeopardise their safety and professional integrity,” the Ministry said in a statement.

It appealed to all media to avoid sensationalism as the primary goal in reporting on topics the public was interested in, but to bear in mind that the right to reporting should not be limit in any way.

The statement came after some members of the ruling coalition and the pro-regime media accused the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network KRIK of being linked to the recently arrested Velko Belivuk, suspected of leading a criminal group.