Protests outside Linglong: We are not slaves

Source: N1

Workers of the Svilajnac-based Alfa Technics company are protesting outside the Zrenjanin-based Linglong company over the 5.5 million Euro owed to this subcontractor by Linglong.

Alfa Technics director Dragoljub Radulovic told N1 that they are determined to stay there until Linglong pays everything that it owes. “We are not slaves, we are not obliged to finance Linglong. How do they think to finish this project,” said Radulovic.

Approximately 150 workers of Alfa Technics, which supplies Linglong with steel structures, are assembled outside the gates of the plant in Zrenjanin, demanding that their claims be settled.

“We suspended deliveries in June, we asked to sit down to see how we would continue our cooperation. On July 22 we sent a letter to Chinese Ambassador Chen Bo, announcing that we would stage protests outside the Chinese Embassy because no one is responding, we have no communication with the contracting authority or with Linglong. They have us enslaved for over a year. They owe everyone and they tell everyone the same thing,” said Radulovic.

He noted that the contracting authority is the Chinese company China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co, with a branch office in Belgrade.

Radulovic said some meetings were held at which they agreed to everything, but that nothing was ever signed and that they keep receiving threats.

“In general, it’s all threats, ‘if we continue with this we will bear responsibility, we will suffer damages’. ‘we are damaging relations between Serbia and China at a very delicate moment’ and the like,” said Radulovic, adding that Linglong owes money to over 100 local companies.

In the meantime N1 had access to a letter sent by Linglong to Alfa Technics two days ago, just after the company management announced its plans to stage a protest. In the letter Lingolong did not deny the debt, but said it is actually owed by the main subcontractor, China Energy Group. It advised Alfa Technics to give up on the protest, saying it is not the way to resolve the conflict but only deepen it and that expressing discontent in that way could damage trade and economic relations between Serbia and China.

So far there has been no reaction from the Chinese company.