Protesters in Belgrade threaten to block Serbia if two laws are passed

NEWS 24.11.2021 20:41
Source: Vesna Lalić/

The environmentalists and other groups organised a protest outside the Presidency building in Belgrade on Wednesday night against draft Law on Referendum and Initiative, Law on Expropriation, Rio Tinto's lithium mining and the destruction of the city's district of Makis where the Belgrade underground system's construction started.

„If they (the Parliament) pass these two laws, we will call on the citizens for a warning blockade of the motorways in Serbia for an hour; if the President (Aleksandar Vucic) signs those laws, we will block the whole of Serbia, we will demand that Serbia stop,“ Savo Manojlovic from the Go-Change initiative told the gathering.

He added that the protesters „are not politicians, we are not interested in elections. Some may be arrested, but they will never stop us all.“

Manojlovic said Serbia was not a colony and that everyone who supported the Rio Tinto would be considered an associate of the occupiers.

„We are not interested in the interests of any company; we are not interested in American Russian, Chinese, EU interests. Only the interests of Serbia and its citizens matter to us,“ he added.

Commenting on Vucic’s statement that both amendments to the law followed the Constitution, Manojlovic told N1 the law on expropriation was contrary to the Constitution and that the amendment to the Law on Referendum and Initiative „takes sovereignty from citizens and gives them to political parties and wealthy individuals. “

As he said, the protest was organised outside the Presidency because they knew Vucic made the decisions and that the deputies were not independent.

The protesters went for a walk to the Government building, the state RTS TV and ended the rally outside the Parliament.


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