Prosecution: Pre-probe proceedings after Serbia’s Vucic claimed was wiretapped

NEWS 21.01.2021 17:10
prosecution office

The Prosecutor's Office for Organised Crime said on Thursday it initiated a pre-investigation procedure after Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic claims of unauthorised wiretapping of his phone conversations.

Vucic said in December he had evidence about his phone being bugged, but refused to submit it to the respective institutions, saying he was guarding the state.

Belgrade’s Higher Court President said earlier in the day that Vucic was legally bound to provide evidence as every other citizen.

The proceedings started with a request to the Interior Ministry (MUP) to collect the necessary information.

The Prosecution added the pre-investigation procedure’s goal was to check all the information and notifications that were necessary to clarify all the facts and circumstances related to the case.

„The pre-investigation procedure is going on, and in the interest of its unhindered conduct, the Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime will not disclose the details to the public, the Office said in a statement.“

It added it would go public about the results of the pre-investigation procedure after its completion.