Pro-government tabloid attacks United Group’s Solak

NEWS 25.02.2021 22:09
Source: United Group

An influential Serbian pro-government tabloid on Thursday attacked Dragan Solak, co-owner of United Group which owns N1 and Nova Tv stations and portals.

Kurir daily tabloid featured a front page story headlined Robbery Under the Veil of Democracy and Struggle for Media Freedom in which it listed what it claims is Solak’s property.

NIN weekly journalist Vesna Malisic said that headlines like that are being used to hide the corruption in which the authorities are involved and pressure owners to stop supporting independent media. “Solak has obviously been selected to be blamed for being rich, for supporting independent media and that is why lies and innuendo are being published to denounce his business and personal integrity,” she said.

Solak’s picture was featured in four pro-government tabloids 170 times between December 2019 and December 2020.

Columnist Ljubodrag Stojadinovic said that no one would even think about Solak if wasn’t connected to N1 TV. “This is an attempt to limit space for the remaining free media and create an environment in which information comes from (the pro-government TV) Pink or something like Pink or something even worse,” he said.