President: Gas and energy prices in Serbia won’t go up

NEWS 09.10.2021 15:10
Source: Milica Vučković/Fonet

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the citizens not to worry about gas or electricity and that during the winter, "they will have warm rooms so that they can walk around in T-shirts."

„There are no problems, we don’t even intend to increase the price of gas and electricity, we can endure everything if we raise the capacities of the electrical system,“ Vucic said after the session of his party leadership.

Vucic said that electricity and gas have become a serious topic in the world and that it is necessary to understand why prices have been disturbed.
As he explained, Serbia kept additional 180 megawatts of electricity in reserve in order to lower the stock market price and help the economy, and for the citizens have the lowest price in Europe.

„We are looking to help entrepreneurs, the problem is that electricity is a commodity, we have to lower the price by reducing demand, to provide larger quantities to have full energy security,“ said Vucic.


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