Power cuts to go ahead in Kosovo

Source: Shutterstock

The people of Kosovo will again face power cuts, despite the government officials’ claims that they have been cancelled.

Kosovo power company (KEDS) spokesman Viktor Buzhala confirmed for the Pristina media that the power cuts will continue.

According to the information of the Ministry of Economy, Kosovo’s daily electricity production is currently 507 MWh/h while consumption is 750 MWh/h.

About 94 per cent of Kosovo’s electricity production is from coal, while the rest is from renewable sources such as hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants and solar panels.

Kosovo introduced power cuts at 8 am Monday. A statement from KEDS said that it would provide power to consumers for six hours, followed by a two-hour power cut.

However, later in the day, the Ministry of Economy said there would be no more power cuts because regular electricity supply had been restored thanks to cooperation between the power companies of Kosovo and Albania.