Population census commences in Serbia

NEWS 01.10.2022 13:15
Ljudi, šetači, šetnja, lepo vreme, proleće,
Source: N1

The census of the population, households and apartments in Serbia began today and will be carried out every day until October 31.

The census, conducted by the Republic Institute of Statistics, will collect data on the population, its age, gender, educational and marital structure, economic activity, the structure of households and families, as well as the housing stock.

According to the Law on the Census, citizens of Serbia with residence in the country, as well as permanently resident foreigners with residence in Serbia, are obliged to participate in the census and to give correct and complete answers to all questions. Refusing to participate in the census as well as providing incomplete and incorrect data, entails misdemeanor liability and a fine of 20,000 to 50,000 dinars.

During the census, citizens have the right to not answer the questions about nationality, religion and mother tongue, which are considered sensitive, or to express themselves as they wish.

Data are collected directly from citizens by enumerators who are required to carry identification cards and show them before entering the household.

The provisional results of the census will be published within 30 days after the end of the census, and the final results will be published in parts, starting from March or April of the following year.


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