Ponos: Start of the end for Vucic

NEWS 04.04.2022 01:21
Source: N1

United for Serbia’s Victory presidential candidate Zdravko Ponos said on Sunday night that the elections are the start of the end of Aleksandar Vucic’s authorities.

“We won’t wait four years for the next parliamentary elections. We won’t and we can’t betray the citizens who have started moving. A mass of people flooded the polling stations, a mass of young people. We won the elections in urban areas. I won the presidential elections in urban areas … everywhere where we had a better media situation,” he told reporters, adding that the coalition won’t gamble that away.

Ponos said the biggest achievement of the elections was the fact that they broke through the electorate’s fear. “People turned out, we launched hope,” he said. “We tried to show that you can be in politics without lies, not use hate speech, be polite towards political rivals,” he said.

“We managed to turn on the light and people saw a semi-broken Serbia. They saw themselves humiliated and impoverished, they saw that their leaders are not that strong, that they should not fear them,” he said commenting the high turnout.