Ponos: Border incident didn’t intimidate me

NEWS 19.08.2022 14:18
Zdravko Ponoš
Source: N1

Retired General turned opposition politician Zdravko Ponos said on Friday that the attempt to politically intimidate him by holding him and his family at a border crossing had failed.

The Ponos family had their passports seized by border police on Thursday as they tried to return to Serbia. They were told that intelligence agents had to speak to the general before he was allowed into the country. Ponos was handed back their passports by a customs officer instead of the police while speaking live to N1 by phone video link.

“Even the mistreatment of my wife and child won’t discourage me,” Ponos said. He ran for president at the April 3 elections with the support of a large part of the opposition. He called the security services to investigate him if they think he is involved in criminal activities or poses a security risk for the country. “If that isn’t it, and there is nothing else, this was politically motivated. I am fairly sure of that,” he told a news conference at the headquarters of his Serbia Center movement.

“I want to tell Aleksandar Vucic: Don’t touch my family. You moan when someone mentions your family members and you allow this,” he said.

The general said he was not contacted by the police after the incident, adding that he is consulting lawyers about any future steps.