Polls shows TV was main information provider during pandemic

NEWS 11.03.2022 19:37
Naim Leo Beširi
Source: N1

A poll by the Institute for European Affairs showed that television has been the main source of information for the Serbian public during the pandemic.

“Television was crucial in telling people what to do and how to behave during the pandemic. N1 was ranked first by more than 50 percent of the polled with the Serbian state TV (RTS) coming in second,” the NGO’s official Naim Leo Besiri told N1. According to him, television was clearly dominant in terms of providing information to the public.

He said that the poll showed that 41 percent of the public believe the president did the right thing during the pandemic while 40 percent said he did not, reflecting a deeply divided society. The polled criticized the government and president for providing contradictory information about the pandemic. That confused the public over the past two years,” he said.