Police warn activists, journalists not to join protests across Serbia

NEWS 04.12.2021 13:10
Source: Printscreen

The police in several places in Serbia visited some environmentalist activists and journalists warning them to stay at home during the announced protests with blockages for Saturday against laws on referendum and expropriation, which the opponents said were tailored to suit the Rio Tinto's lithium mining project in the west of the country.

Goran Jevremovic, the editor of the local ‘Centar Media’ from the southern town of Jagodina, told N1 the police warned him, saying they had „authorisation to warn him to respect the law and public order.“

The police also visited the editor and journalist of the local Vranje News website in southern Serbia.

Similar police activity happened in the southern city of Nis to people marked as those who shared invitations for the Saturday protest on social networks, warning them that blocking traffic constituted a crime.

The police also warned an activist from northern Serbia’s town of Kula, and the local councillor warned he would be charged with either misdemeanour or a crime for calling for the protests.

An NGO from southern Pozega town said its members were exposed to pressure after supporting the Saturday protests.

They called on Interior Ministry to stop calling people on private phone numbers and come to their homes with warnings because that would not work, and they were not afraid.

The state’s intimidation started on Friday, a day ahead of the protests.

Also on Friday N1 received threats to its staff and their families.





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