Police arrest man driving 239 Kmh on Serbian highway

NEWS 04.08.2021 12:25
Source: N1 (ilustracija)

The Serbian traffic police arrested a man driving faster than 230 kilometers an hour on the highway to Belgrade.

A press release said that the 25 year old man was clocked driving his Audi at a speed of 239.4 kilometers an hour on the Nis-Belgrade highway just outside the city of Smederevo. The speed limit on that section of highway is 130 kilometers an hour.

The Internal Affairs Ministry did not identify the driver of the car with Novi Sad license plates but said that he would be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

There have been several cases of young people driving recklessly in Serbian cities over the past few months, several of them resulting in deaths. The latest was in Belgrade where two young boys were run over by a driver who fled the scene in the Karaburma neighborhood of Belgrade.