PM strongly criticises EEAS statement on relations between Serbia and Kosovo

NEWS 14.08.2022 15:57
Source: Tanjug/ Nenad Mihajlović

Serbia’s Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, strongly criticised the statement of the European External Affairs Service over the recent escalation of inflammatory rhetoric between the officials of Kosovo and Serbia, comparing it to an April Fool’s joke and arguing that Kosovo PM Albin Kurti is trying to “provoke an armed conflict”.

On Sunday, the EEAS said that the recent increase of inflammatory rhetoric between officials of Kosovo and Serbia, in particular, the statements about war and conflict in the Western Balkans are of great concern and senior politicians of the two parties will be held responsible for any escalation that could lead to increased tensions or violence in the region.


„Looking at this EEAS statement, one would think today is April 1st, not August 14th. It must be some kind of (very unsavoury) joke. For 175 days, Kurti provoked an armed conflict with the Serbs. And this is happening in a year that will be remembered as the year in which he took away the most basic human rights from those same Serbs in Kosovo – forbidding them to vote. Apart from a useless written statement, the EU has done absolutely nothing because of this,“ Brnabic posted on Twitter.

She pointed out that it has been nearly ten years since Belgrade and Pristina signed the Brussels Agreement, and that „even the EU itself admits that they cannot force (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin) Kurti to establish the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) – the backbone of the Brussels Agreement“.

She also wrote that „if the EU had done its part – ensured the implementation of the Brussels Agreement and guaranteed the basic human rights of the Serbs in Kosovo – things would be much different today“.

„Therefore, please stop the hypocrisy,“ Brnabic wrote.


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