PM: Involved in planning to kill Vucic still inaccessible to Serbia’s services

NEWS 27.01.2022 09:39
Ana Brnabić
Source: Tanjug / Vlada Republike Srbije, Peđa Vučković

Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Thursday that the security threat to President Aleksandar Vucic still had not been eliminated, adding, “we believe we will (do that), but we have to work around the clock to prevent the assassination.”

„Unfortunately, right now, all those who for Europol has proofs of being involved in planning the assassination of Vucic are still inaccessible to our security services. They are beyond our reach. Two are Montenegrin nationals, some are the European Union citizens and some people from states outside the bloc,” Brnabic told the state RTS TV.

However, a security expert told N1 on Monday that the information about an assassination of Vucic allegedly planned for mid-February shouldn't be made public because it gave a signal to those who planned the kill that the police were after them, and added the whole story was awkward, pointing at something else.

She said she was sure that Radoje Zvicer, the main man behind the assassination plan, according to Belgrade, had a political boss.

“I’m certain (about that) but wouldn’t elaborate. He (Zvicer) could not be so powerful and one of the world’s most notorious criminals if he did not have such (political) support,” Brnabic said.

She added she fully trusted Serbia’s security services, adding that if needed, their members were ready to sacrifice their lives to protect Vucic.





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