PM Brnabic: Serbia remains committed to European path

NEWS 30.09.2022 19:14
Source: Tanjug/ Slobodan Miljević

Serbia remains committed to the European path and values in line with the interests of the state and its citizens, said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic at a meeting with European Parliament (EP) members.

“Serbia stands firmly on the European path. The strategic determination of the government that will be formed is a strong continuation of reforms in the area of the rule of law,” Brrnabic told European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia Vladimir Bilcik and member of the EP Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee Matjaz Nemec.

Brnabic said Serbia is a credible partner that fulfils the reform steps on its European path, but that “the adequate valorization of what has been done” is missing, and that there are no positive signs from the European Union for the enlargement process, both for Serbia and for the Western Balkans.

“Instead, we mostly hear criticism and constantly new demands from Brussels,” a Government press release quoted Brnabic as saying.

Representatives of the European Parliament pointed out that, “regardless of the current difficult circumstances facing the European Union, there is a clear determination for Serbia to be part of the Union and that joint work in many fields is necessary in order to speed up this process,” said the press release.

The MEPs that conditions have been created for stronger parliamentary cooperation within the Interparty Dialogue process.