PM: Another 58,500 Pfizer vaccines coming to Serbia on Monday

NEWS 28.02.2021 15:25
Fajzer vakcina koronavirus
Source: Izvor: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced Sunday that a new contingent of 58,500 Pfizer vaccines against the new coronavirus would arrive on Monday.

She said that a contingent of 100,000 Sputnik V vaccines would be delivered from Russia on Sunday evening, which would exceed the number of two million purchased doses in Serbia.

„Another 500,000 Sinofarm vaccines from China will arrive on March 5. We don’t have a problem with vaccines,“ said the Prime Minister after visiting the plant that collects and sells honey “Nas med“ (Our Honey) in Raca.

Asked about the announcement of the introduction of „Covid“ passports in the European Union, she assessed that it was „contrary to any European value,“ primarily freedom of movement and the right to choose.

Speaking about the epidemiological situation in the country, she assessed that the situation in Covid hospitals is difficult, but also added that it is necessary for every citizen to make „just one more individual effort“ in order to stop the epidemic.

Stating that all inspections are on the ground during the weekend, in order to check whether the new measures are being respected, she said that she hopes these measures will give results, but also warned that „they discovered a large number of illegal corona-parties.”


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