Parliament speaker: Assembly will implement President’s policy

NEWS 07.08.2022 17:32
Source: Tanjug/ Miloš Milivojević

Serbian Assembly Speaker Vladimir Orlic said that the policy represented by the President of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party leader Aleksandar Vucic will be implemented in the parliament, because this would show the respect for the will of the people.

“There is an undisputed parliamentary majority. This is what the people voted for and what kind of policy to be implemented in the upcoming period. There are no dilemmas as to what to expect, this is the policy that will be implemented in our Assembly,” Orlic told Happy TV.

He also said that the new convocation of the Serbian parliament “began with more democracy, freedom and more respect shown by the parliamentary majority,” but that this does not mean that the SNS does not know what policy to implement and that it is “susceptible to the insolence” of the opposition.

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DS) and the parliament deputy speaker, Zoran Lutovac, responded that the “parliament is not the executive but the legislative authority.”

“It does not implement the policy of the executive power but determines and controls it,” Lutovac wrote on Twitter.


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