Pajtic: We are building Vucic’s cult of personality

NEWS 11.08.2022 12:20
Source: N1

“A parallel reality is being created where you cut off the branches of healthy trees in order to glue them onto dry trees, that is already a cult of personality, it resembles Romania in the Ceausescu period,” Novi Sad Law School professor Bojan Pajtic told the N1 TV show New Day.

“It is much like the situation we can today see only in North Korea. There is no such situation even in Cuba. And it is something that could be a cause of concern of every citizen,” Pajtic said.

Professor Pajtic accused Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic of “keeping the citizens in a state of fear” with his public activities and statements.

“The problem is that the regime does not listen to the citizens and their needs, but is primarily guided by ratings. At the helm of our state we have a man who constantly produces crises, raises the citizens’ pressure and creates a cataclysmic atmosphere. He tells us how there will not be enough food, which is not true, or hot water. Once it is established that this did not happen, he presents himself as Superman,” Pajtic said.

The aim of such Vucic’s behavior is self-glorification, while he does not care at all about the citizens of Serbia, Pajtic said, adding that the current regime’s methodology is the same as that of the regime that ruled in the nineties.

“They also produced this fear in the nineties, saying how we will all be killed, slaughtered, how we were threatened from all sides. We have a head of state who says that a nuclear war is more likely to break out than not. And he says this on a national frequency that millions of people watch. With all this what can we expect but the people to be constantly in fear. This is done because a scared person never votes for change but for a constant state of things,” Pajtic said.

The professor said the current regime is destroying institutions and the economy. „Corruption at the highest possible level has been inaugurated, to the extent that the president defends a drug dealer, which did not even happen in Colombia during Escobar’s heyday,” Pajtic said, adding that the latest events show that we have begun building Vucic’s cult of personality and that some steps taken by the authorities are completely irrational.