Over 1,000 Croatian companies invested some € 900 million in Serbia

Source: N1

Over a thousand companies from neighbouring Croatia had so far invested 900 million Euro in Serbia, while the two countries had an annual trade exchange of nearly a billion Euro, Marko Cadez, the head of Serbia's Chamber of Commerce, said on Thursday.

„Many Croatian firms have bought Serbia’s companies, and an increasing number of firms from Serbia has been successfully investing in Croatia. The economic cooperation had not stopped even when political relations between two countries had been tense,“ Cadez told Croatian Hrvatska Rec weekly.

Cadez added that 1,039 Croatian companies in Serbia employed some 10,000 workers.

As of 2017, the two countries’ trade exchange has been around a billion Euro. In 2019, Serbia exported goods worth 568 million Euro, while it imported products worth 518.5 million Euro from Croatia.