Osmani: Kosovo-Serbia dialogue focused on recognition the only solution

NEWS 29.09.2022 18:49
vjosa osmani

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani told a meeting with Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Jan Lipavsky that it is imperative that the visa liberalization process is concluded during the Czech European Union (EU) Presidency.

“The Czech Republic is an important ally of our country with whom we share fundamental democratic values and commitment to peace, security and a common future in the Euro-Atlantic family,” a press release from Osmani’s office quoted her as saying.

Following the meetings that Osmani had with the Czech leadership in Prague, she thanked Minister Lipavský for the Czech Republic’s constructive engagement toward the conclusion of the visa liberalization process during the Czech Presidency, said the press release.

Osmani also spoke about the need for Kosovo to advance on the European path.

„She emphasized the full coordination of Kosovo’s foreign and security policies with those of the European Union as proof of the dedication of the institutions and people of Kosovo to European integration,” and noted that “Kosovo will submit its application for a candidate country status this year,” said the press release.

In relation to the dialogue with Serbia, President Osmani pointed out that Kosovo “continues to be a constructive party” and that “the only solution that contributes to lasting peace and stability is a process focused on mutual recognition,” said the press release.