Orban: NGOs operating against Serbian, Hungarian security interests

NEWS 08.09.2021 17:29
Ana Brnabić, Viktor Orban
Source: Tanjug/Vlada Srbije/Slobodan Miljević

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Wednesday’s joint session of the Serbian and Hungarian governments that civil society organizations supporting migrations are operating contrary to the security interests of both countries.

“We don’t have to just renew central Europe, we also have to protect it and guarantee its security. The events in Afghanistan are an indication of another migration wave by land which could mean a very difficult situation for both Serbia and Hungary,” he told reporters after the meeting, adding that the two governments agreed to “renew central Europe”.

“It’s clear to us that those migrants do no want to live in Serbia or Hungary but want to go on to Western European countries which means that if we stand in the way of migrations, we are defending western European countries. That is the missiong that history has given us, to defend Europe. I believe that Serbs and Hungarians can do that together,” he said.

According to Orban, Serbia and Hungary can’t be safe if the other country isn’t protected.

A Serbian government press release said that Prime Ministers Ana Brnabic and Orban “signed an Agreement on good neighbourly relations and strategic partnership between the two countries”

Serbian and Hungarian Internal Affairs Ministers Aleksandar Vulin and Sandor Pinter signed a protocol on joint border patrols in Budapest, a ministry press release said, quoting Vulin as saying that both countries are reinforcing their borders and adding that illegal migrants avoid heavily guarded borders which is one of the reasons why Serbia managed to control the migrant crisis without serious incidents.