Opposition ‘We Must’ challenges Belgrade election results; May call on protest

NEWS 08.04.2022 11:16
Source: FoNet

Over 60 irregularities and verbal and physical violence against vote controllers marked April 3 election in Belgrade, the opposition coalition 'We Must' told reporters on Friday, adding all those remarks were noticed in the reports from polling stations.

In an agreement with other opposition parties, the coalition submitted objections from 200 polling stations to the Belgrade Election Commission (GIK). They believe the voting should be repeated at all of them.

Five days after the Sunday elections, Belgrade Election Commission (GIK), the city’s vote is not decided with the GIK decision to repeat voting at four polling stations despite the opposition submitting 400 objections to irregularities.

They include Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) activists’ door-to-door visits with gifts buying votes; voting outside the polling station; over five percent of voters came to the wrong polling stations; group voting at a polling station repeated after a warning from controllers; parallel voter lists; unknown people outside polling stations keeping records of who came to the polls; use of a red pen to check a candidate; vote counting outside polling stations with boxes opened ballots counted in other rooms…

GIK should decide about those objections in the next two to three days.

Dobrica Veselinovic of the 'We Must' coalition said, "it is not as long as fight for every vote is going on."

He said that the opposition won at all ten city's central municipalities. Belgarde has a total of 17 municipalities.

Radomir Lazovic of the coalition told reporters that all opposition organisations insisted on a new vote at all polling stations where the observers and controllers noted irregularities. "So far, the re-vote will be held on four, but another 250 polling stations are considered."

"It will be enough for the opposition victory if a new vote is held at 20 polling stations," he added.

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So far, the regime and opposition parties in Belgrade are neck-to-neck and Dragan Djilas, the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SPP) has demanded a meeting with the President and the head of the Serbian Progressive Party Aleksandar Vucic to agree to repeat complete voting in Belgrade.

Some opposition leaders were not happy with Djilas' idea.

Veselinovic said that the protection of election results was not a trade, while his coalition partner Aleksandar Jovanovic added that if GIK ignored objections, his 'Ecological Movement would call on people to go to the street. "I call on people to be ready to defend freedom in the street. No negotiations over people's election will."





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