Opposition: SNS on 48 percent of votes, ‘United for Serbia’s Victory’ 27 percent

Source: N1

The leader of Serbia's opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SPP), Dragan Djilas, said on Friday that according to the latest opinion pool done by his party, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) had some 48 percent of support ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 3, while and the opposition coalition 'Marinika Tepic - United Serbia' could count on 27 percent of voters' support.

The coalition is made of SSP, Democratic Party (DS) and Peoples’ Party.

Djilas posted on the SSP Facebook page that the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), ‘Moramo’ (We Must) coalition and Zavetnici (‘Oath Keepers’) would pass the three percent census.

According to the SPP opinion poll, 3.25 million people in Serbia said they would vote and that the expected turnout was around 3.8 million voters.

„If 3.8 million people went to the polls, the SNS and SPS could get a maximum of 1.8 million votes. The ‘United for Serbia’s Victory’ ticket and the ‘We Must’ coalition would have 1.45 million votes together. In that situation, SNS and SPS would not have 50 percent and could not form a government again,“ Djilas said.

Speaking about the presidential elections that will be held on the same day, about 3.1 million 56 percent citizens who would cast ballot would vote for the SNS candidate Aleksandar Vucic would have 56 percent of the vote, while Zdravko Ponos, ‘United Serbia’ candidate would have 28.5 percent of the vote.

According to Djilas, about 700,000 voters are still undecided, and the opinion poll showed that one in ten of them would vote for Vucic, and eight or nine for Ponos.

„If these people go to the polls, we will certainly have a second round,“ he said.

In the April 3 Belgrade election, Djilas said the coalition ‘We Must’ the ‘United for Victory in Belgrade’ together will have more votes in than the SNS and SPS together, but for that to be achieved 900,000 Belgraders need to go to the polls.



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