Opposition party releases video of incident in Serbian Presidency building

NEWS 28.06.2021 10:22
Vuk Jeremić, aleksandar Vučić,, predsedništvo, svađa, incident u predsedništvu
Source: Nova.rs

The opposition People’s Party released a video of the confrontation between its leader Vuk Jeremic and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the entrance to the Presidency building.

Jeremic and a group of his close associates entered the Presidency building on Friday following Vucic’s statement that they can come fight him. A cell phone photograph was released immediately after the incident showing Vucic and Jeremic facing off.


The People’s Party released the 53 second video on its Twitter profile showing Vucic and Jeremic shouting at each other and calling each other to step outside while a member of the president’s security detail trying to calm the situation.

Pro-regime media reacted on Friday claiming that Jeremic and his associates tried to lynch Vucic while the People’s Party leader said that the Serbian president was shaking.