Opposition leader shows what she says is new proof of alleged pimping in Serbia

NEWS 22.04.2021 12:42
Marinika Tepić
Source: N1

Marinika Tepic, a deputy leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), read during the N1 morning programme on Thursday a new testimony of alleged pimping in the central Serbian town of Jagodina involving the head of the town's authorities and an MP Dragan Markovic aka Palma and some other high-ranked officials of the ruling coalition in the country.

„I wouldn’t allow myself to take a risk with a single testimony in such a big issue which should dethrone the Government. Of course that I have more witnesses,“ Tepic said.

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She added there had been many witnesses during the years.

Tepic read a testimony by, as she said, „of an official who has witnessed that since 2008, from many political-business trips“ to Greece, Vienna, Rome and Paris.

„The pattern is the same – celebrations with folk stars who are the bait. After the official part is over, sometime about midnight, it’s a turn for hostesses… Some are from Jagodina, employed in municipal institutions, some from neighbouring villages,“ Tepic said.

She added there were several places in Jagodina and nearby where alleged pimping was taking place, including the ‘Tiger’ club „with a purple room for that.“

„That is a classic example of elite prostitution and pimping,“ Tepic said.
She added that many people contacted her with more testimonies.

„I was addressed by victims who are now abroad and do not feel physically threatened, but there are witnesses from Jagodina as well,“ Tepic said.