Opposition, intellectuals publish declaration on Kosovo

NEWS 04.10.2022 20:00
Source: Medija centar Beograd

A group of opposition parties and intellectuals published a declaration calling for the reintegration of Kosovo into Serbia on Tuesday.

The declaration was read out at a news conference by Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU) member Matija Beckovic who said that full reintegration is the only acceptable solution for Serbia and the Serbian people.

The document titled Declaration to Rally in Defense of Kosovo and Metohija was signed by the People’s Party, Dveri movement, Oathkeepers, NADA coalition and a group of professors and academy members. Kosovo and Metohija is the full name of what the Serbian authorities and nationalists consider Serbia’s southern province.

Beckovic said that Serbia would “do something that no state has ever done and would become the exception and a laughing stock among nations” if it recognizes Kosovo. He added that they are prepared for a dialogue with the Kosovo Albanians on integration for a common future.

He said proposals on a division, renouncing or Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations are unacceptable. “No one has the right or the legitimacy to sign international documents contrary to the Constitution of Serbia,” Beckovic said.